After the founding of the first Soroptimist Club in Oakland, California, in 1921, the prominent French cosmetic surgeon Dr Suzanne Noël chartered the SI Club in Paris in 1924. the first club in continental Europe and many others were founded through her inspiratation. Dr. Noël set an unrivalled record by establishing a dozen clubs around the world, thus widely disseminating the Soroptimist concept. It was therefore fitting that Suzanne Noël was elected the first President of the European Federation, in 1930.

Since then, the European Federation has grown steadily and now consists of over 34,000 members, in more than 1,200 clubs, present in 58 countries. The activities of SIE are governed by its Constitution and By-Laws.
Every year, the President of SIE holds a Governors' Meeting, which is attended by two Governors from each Union. who form the governing body of the Federation. Representatives from Single Clubs and Presidents of the Unions are invited as observers to these Meetings.

Once every four years, between SI Conventions, the Federation organises a European Congress. The next congress will take place in Berlin in 2013 and its focus will be on the current President's Theme 'Soroptimists Go For Water and Food'.

The Bulgarian Union of Soroptimist International is established in 2002 and unites 8 clubs:
3 in Sofia and one in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Pazardzik and Ruse.

President 2002 – 2004 – Iliana Zacharieva
President 2004 – 2006 – Simeona Veleva
President 2006 – 2008 – Fani Boykova
President 2008 – 2010 – Lyuboslava Todorova
President 2010 - 2012 – Veselina Tzvetanova

President 2012 – 2014 – Lyudmila Dimitrova
President 2014 – 2016 – Vihra Grigorova
President 2016 - 2018 – Lidiya Gyrcheva

CLUB SOFIA 1 – FOUNDER was founded in May 1992 in Sofia with President Iliana Zacharieva under the patronage of the club in Marseille - France with Godmother Simon Nikoloff, and the active help of Nina Komanaku, Gerda Wedwr and Clara Brank.

CLUB BOURGAS –founded in 1997. Godmother - SUISS UNION, with help to Trudy Koehlli and Roswitha Ott.

CLUB BOIANA - was founded in 1997. Godmother - Club Sofia 1 – Founder and Ally de Vries Netherland

CLUB PLOVDIV – was founded in 1998. Godmother - Club Sofia 1 – Founder and Miriam Van Damme club Antwerp / Belgium/.

CLUB VARNA - was founded in 1999. Godmother - club Kifissia – Athens Greece.

CLUB VITOSHA - was founded in 1999. Godmother - clubs from Düsseldorf / Germany/.

CLUB PAZARDZIK - was founded in 2005. Godmother - club Plovdiv. The charter was presented by Hanne Jensbo and Lisbeth Hass.

CLUB RUSE  - was founded in 2013. Godmother - club Kongsberg /Norway/.